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Listening for God

A young girl was furiously jamming crayons to her paper, energetically making line and swirls. She grabbed for new colors with only brief seconds of reflection, and filled the sheet with hues and shades. “What are you drawing?” asked her mom. “I’m making a picture of God!” she said proudly. “But nobody knows what God […]

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Restless Realism

“Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom.” (James 4:9) It was a funeral I didn’t expect with a family I didn’t know, the aftermath of a tragedy I couldn’t comprehend. Two men drinking at a party, the younger man dating the older man’s daughter. A friendly scuffle? Or […]

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Back to School

When cramming for an exam at Harvard Law School, Rollins felt woefully unprepared and obtained videotaped lectures of a noted authority in the field. To his amazement, the lectures “were outrageously insightful, funny, and thorough.” Years later, when he felt the wisp of educational nostalgia resurging, Rollins founded The Teaching Company (, capturing excellent university […]

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Why We Need A “Pledge of Allegiance”

When I was in high school a new music teacher came to town. He was fresh out of college and full of ambition. But here he was, stuck in a very rural community where people didn’t put up with (as they called it) “long-haired music,” either from the Beatles or Beethoven. Still, he was determined […]

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Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!

Being the leader of a community isn’t easy. A cartoon shows a man near death lying on a hospital bed. Two visitors sit next to him, and one hands him a card. “The good news, Pastor,” she says, “is that the Wom­en’s Club at the church decided to get this ‘Get Well’ card for you. […]

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Hand Washing

We stopped at a fast-food restaurant for a quick bite between shopping excursions. The preparation area was open to the serving counter, and with a rush of patrons we stood watching workers create burritos and tacos. One teen on staff was obviously struggling with a cold or perhaps even a more severe virus. He walked […]

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Maturing Gracefully

Growing Up As a young father, I was rather excited by the future. If our daughters would have been true to their dreams, we would have a waitress, a lawyer, a nurse, a teacher, a ballet dancer, a professional singer, a police officer, a doctor, a celebrated author, a painter, a fireman, a minister, a […]

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Happy Birthday Heidelberg!

In the 1980’s, members of Calgary, Alberta’s, First Christian Reformed Church led monthly worship services at the city’s correctional facility. It was a time of liturgical change, with new songs emerging weekly, and the language of historic confessions updated into contemporary vocabulary. Inmates at the prison appreciated the great music brought by the church team, […]

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